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We’re back! We missed endorsing last week to shoot some more of our upcoming video, but now we’re rearing to get back to it. Also, WHAT HAPPENED WEDNESDAY? The Studio at Webster Hall transformed with all of your wonderful bodies and minds present. Electric Permutations! Dissolution of Linear Time! There was no such thing as a music venue, or bands, or “cool” judgement, or boundries. We saw painted faces and “new suits”, we saw dancing forms, we heard screams of terror or joy (both?), and it melted our very faces off! Needless to say, we are changed men. Thank you for being with us. We have so much territory to explore with you…

So let’s endorse!



Dr. Jack Kruse and The Cold Thermogenesis Protocol

Those of you who have known me for a bit are aware that I like to treat my personal diet/body and mind maintenence as a lab for experimentation. It has taken me from fasting protocols, to veganism, to raw foodism, to P90x (ha!) and finally to the rather miraculous paleo (ketogenic) diet. Each measure has come with new surprises about how my mind and body work and what, as Dr. Jack Kruse would say, “optimal” really feels like. 

The most current experiment is cold adaptation therapy, and Dr. Kruse provides the nuts and bolts neuroscience, chemistry, and quantum biology to delve into the “why” of such a practice. About 3 weeks in (ice cold showers and ice bath immersion), I feel like my body is going through another transformation, and suddenly I am incredibly sensitive to so many new factors that were impeding my ability to think, to make decisions, conserve energy, to stay stress free, and get the best sleep possible. Dr. Kruse himself spent a year and a half keeping his body at extremely cold temps. and went from morbidly obese (over 300 pounds), to being a ripped 145 WITHOUT excercise beyond his normal life activity. No more allergies, no more inflammation, and energy to greet the sunrise every day. Too good to be true? Get to know the science…

Caveat Lector: this is the way self-experimentation works. I used to be able to eat and drink anything, function on uneven sleep, surf the ups and downs of caffeine fueling. I didn’t know what better chemical functioning felt like. I self-medicated constantly to deal with emotional instability (yes, coffee/sugar/booze/gluten/dairy should be considered “self-medicating”). I barely noticed that I was constantly sick to some degree. So, from the other side, undergoing drastic changes that make your body function better seems to be a huge impediment to personal freedom. It’s easy to focus on all the new “can’t dos” that crop up. But, the truth of it is that “deprogramming” is a cataclysmic activity - it is literally cleaving oneself from addiction after addiction. It isn’t pretty. But, I promise, you will be giddy when you feel what is available on the other side. It can’t be logically prepared for. Here are some resources:

Ketogenic Paleo Diet:

Nora Gedgaudas’ Primal Body - Primal Mind (Book)

Nora Gedgaudas’ Lecture ‘Primal Mind: Nutrition & Mental Health’ (Video)

Jimmy Moore’s ‘Livin La Vida Low Carb’ (Podcast) “Life Without Bread” (Forum Thread)

Cold Thermogensis:

Why A Cold Shower is Better Than a Warm One (Article)

Dr. Jack Kruse: Neurosurgeon, Cold Thermogenesis, and the Leptin Reset (Interview)

Dr. Kruse’s “Quilt,” Cold Thermogenesis, Circadian Living (Blog)

Happy experimenting!




Roa, street artist


Here’s another endorsement for street art because I love it so much.  ROA, I just found out this guy’s name.  In Berlin last summer, blah blah blah, Booters and I had seen some of his giant murals and thought they were tops.  It’s easy to be enthusiastic about things when you’re on vacation, but back in Brooklyn we discovered more pieces that seemed to be by the same person, still big and so cool. Roa. Originally from Belgium, this guy works all over the world, painting primarily black and white animals on walls, silos, bridges, RVs.  They’re really great-looking but the context is everything.  The use of “ugly” outdoor structures as canvas is my favorite part. These pieces look way better in your city than they do on the web or would at a gallery.  If you’re around Williamsburg or Bushwick you’ve probably run into some of Roa’s work.  The giant squirrel at Berry and N. 5th, for instance, and one I’ve loved for years, just blocks from my apartment, the skulls on Grattan btwn Bogart and Morgan.  Exploring is fun, yeah?  Put on a jacket and go for a walk. 

- Joe



How about those little ham rolls one can make with cream cheese and scallions, rolled up and cut into pieces?

Yeah, those. Mmmmmmmm.




McClure’s Pickle Chips

One the finest purveyors of pickles in the country, in this endorser’s humble opinion, has branched out into the chip business. This is good news. What’s more? Potato chip masters Better Made out of Detroit have provided their signature crinkle cut chips for McClure’s to add their glorious spices. I’m a real hound for potato chips and these are absolutely top-notch. Never been a real pickle-chip guy, though, (Uncle Ray’s, also out of Detroit, is the only other brand I could really get a taste for), but McClure’s kind of dashes that, now. They only offer two flavors, Spicy Pickle and Garlic Dill, and they’re both delightful. The tastes are pretty subtle, actually, so don’t expect a pickle explosion. Expect a delicate zest. And if a potato chip can be described as creamy, then it is here. They’re only available in a few places around New York and Detroit at the moment so be on the lookout. Certified vegetarian, vegan, kosher and trans-fat free, if any of that matters to you. Insert obligatory comment about not eating them around misophoniacs here. Delicious.




That feels better! Now, we need your help! Endorse with us: tell us what we need to know, give us some hints, some threads to tug on. Scour the landscape for the next mystery, and we’ll fold it into the ever expanding Not Blood Paint universe. That is what Friday Endorsements are about, after all - curating and generating creative material together in an effort to live our lives in “the moment.” This is one small way we, together, can make Not Blood Paint something beyond boundries. 

Much Love,

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